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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  June 13, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone. welcome to news4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. it's wednesday, june 13th, 2012. we begin with breaking news. the d.c. council is voting on a new interim chair. this comes as brown resigned in disgrace. he pleaded guilty to bank fraud. melissa is here. good morning, melissa. >> reporter: good morning. no big decisions have been made as far as who will be second in command. we do know that phil mindelman
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is second chair. now, the chair position originally was between phil and vincent orange. during the meeting orange said that he supported if iphil as ag chair and wanted to be second in command. circulating a resolution yesterday, that resolution would make mendelson in command and orange second chair. take a listen. >> i will say two things. first of all, i do accept the nomination to serve as the chairman of the council until this special election is held to fill the seat. >> thank you, madam chair. i, too, will accept the resolution that you have put forth and look forward to serving the residents of the district of column bee yeah as
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they see fit, at least for the next 115 days or so. >> reporter: so this decision is expected in the next couple of minutes. as soon as we get it, we will pass that along. they plan to run a special election this fall to serve the remainder of brown's term. that will run november 6th until january of 2014. barbara, back to you. >> thank you so much, melissa. one councilman wants to make liquor legal on sundays in the district. right now you can only buy beer and wine on sundays in d.c. liquor stores are opposed, saying that big box shops could be one stop shop for food and alcohol. allowing liquor sales would bring in an extra $710,000 in tax are revenue. and new today a. 31-year-old woman died in a two-car crash in prince william county. chopper 4 flew over the scene.
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the crash happened near welling ton road in manassas. a 29-year-old woman was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. and also new today, students and staff had to be evacuated from an elementary school in fairfax because of smoke. one classroom was filled with smoke but no fire was found. investigators are looking for the source of that smoke. and turning to the weather out there right now, sunshine a. little less humid conditions today than yesterday. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein is joining us for the forecast. bob? >> yes. that triggered all of the shower and activity that we had yesterday. it was beneficial rain. let's go back 12 hour at 11:00 last evening, we still had lingering showers. some areas in green and yellow and orange, those were the
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thundershowers coming through. we had some coming right into the metro area from the west late last evening. they quickly dissipated as they passed east of washington and since then we have just a few high clouds drifting over aloft, pretty high. and then low clouds from the north and east. both of those will be around for the rest of the afternoon. these are the current temperatures. 76 at reagan national. in the 70s throughout most of virginia and the lower eastern shore. near 80 there and perhaps low 80s during the afternoon there. still in the 60s farther to our west and parts of the north shenandoah valley. in the 60s this morning. for the rest of the afternoon, a few clouds and a delightful afternoon. the wind is going to pick up. we've had gusts around 25 miles an hour. how much longer will this pleasant pattern continue? i'll have the latest on that in
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just a few minutes. barbara? >> thank you, tom. dozens of parents are still upset this morning are for missing their child's high school graduation. the high school graduation was scheduled to be held outside but because of the weather, school officials moved it to the temple of praise church southeast at the last minute. it was so crowded, the church opened up the basement for some of the overflow but not everyone made it inside. >> i was frustrated. i tried to see my son. you only graduate one time. >> those parents who may have missed this, i certainly regret that. >> school officials say they deeply regret the confusion or disruption. two more alleged victims are expected to take the stand today in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. a second accuser broke down yesterday when he told jurors he was sexually assaulted over a period of years, beginning when he was 11 or 12 years old.
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the now 18-year-old, known as victim number one, described his first sexual encounter with sandusky. he described the seemingly innocent touching turning into repeated sexual conduct. >> when we add these victims together, we get a whole package and each victim reinforces the other. >> mike mcqueary also took the stand. he told the court he caught sandusky and a boy in the locker room showering in 2001. sandusky denies the claims. the wife of george zimmerman is free on bond after police arrested her and charged her with per injury ree. shellie zimmerman is accused of lying about her and her husband's money situation. state attorneys argued the two lied about their finances. he faces second-degree murder charges for shooting and killing trayvon martin back in february.
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george zimmerman has a new bond hearing scheduled for later this month. the fate of roger clemens is now in the hands of a jury. eight women and four men will resume deliberations this afternoon on his perjury trial. the jurors deliberated for only 15 minutes yesterday after hearing closing arguments. they will try to decide whether clemens lied to congress about using performance enhancing drugs during testimony in 2008. clemens first trial ended in a mistrial. this morning, prince georges county executive baker announced a new education commission. the 12-member panel will help advise baker on ways to improve the county's schools. our time right now, seven minutes after 11:00. coming up, the ceo of jpmorgan explains what he knew and when he knew his company had lost business in risky trades.
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right now, jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon is apologizing for the $2 million blunder. this is the live hearing. the nation's largest bank was attempting to reduce risk but the move backfired, causing a loss. he also added that no customers or taxpayers lost money because of this trading mistake. still, the loss has brought renewed calls for democrats for more oversight to wall street banks. just a moment ago, the d.c. council elected phil mendelson after kwame brown resigned. he pleaded guilty for bank fraud. the stage is now set for what is expected to be a hotly contested race for senate in virginia. george allen will be the republican nominee. he won the primary easily
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winning about 65% of the vote. allen will take on tim kaine for a chance to win back the seat that he health back in 2006. he says his resounding victory is a sign that virginians are ready for a change in washington. >> we've been going all over virginia and we wanted to send a message to washington and we've heard from the people of virginia today and there are thousands and thousands who have voted and virginians are fired up and they are ready for america's comeback. >> kaine, the dnc chairman, was unopposed for his party's nomination. turning now to alexandria, where two i am bum want incumbents won, dale pepper will face candidates in november. newcomers alison silverberg and
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john taylor chapman were the other winners. gabrielle giffords' former aide will be replacing her. barber defeated jessie kelly who defeated giffords. but he will have to run for re-election later this year. we're following a developing story out of iraq. multiple coordinated car bombs attacks across the country killed at least 63 people and injured dozens more. there are reports that at least ten bombings, including multiple apacks in baghdad. the bombings occurred on one of the holiest days on the calendar. so far no group has claimed responsibility for these bombings. and president obama will talk about the ongoing middle
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east peace process with israel's president. he will meet at the white house. he will present him with a medal. vice president biden and hillary clinton will also be attending. and mitt romney is also in d.c. today. he's going to be speaking to the business roundtable at his quarterly meeting being held at the museum and happens in about half an hour from now. the nominee will address 100 ceos. president obama spoke to this meeting back in march. meteorologist tom kierein is here to talk to us about the weather. >> beautiful weather moving in. just in time. a lot of kids out of school. here to talk to us about the weather. >> beautiful weather moving in. just in time. a lot of kids out of school. my final school visit of the school year is later this afternoon for fairfax county. i'll bek to isiting one of the elementary schools there.
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for the students out of school, great weather for outdoor recreation and fun. right now, 76 at reagan national. a few clouds coming through. the dewpoint continues to drop now into the 50s. it's drier than it was yesterday. dewpoints near 70. winds out of the north at 15 to 25 mile an hour gusts and we'll have that blustery wind with us into the afternalkn. lalkk at this gorgeous flower sent in. here's another gorgeous one from chris wilk in fredericksburg, virginia. thanks so much for sharing. temperatures are into the 70s. most regions, low to mid-70s. that includes the district of colu columbia. and farther west it's still call in the northern shenandoah
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valley. upper 60s there. over the last 12 hours, showers were coming through late last night between last evening and this morning. we've had the cloud cover thinning out, although still high clouds drifting over from the southwest. p2ow clouds coming in from the north and east. both of these will be with us off and on into the afternoon hours. beneficial rain yesterday. much needed. over an inch and a half fell in parts of washington county. about an inch and a third in the panhandle of virginia. from south mountain all the way down to charlottseville, over an inch of rain fell there. we had about a third of an inch to half an inch, 3/4 fell in fairfax county. maryland maryland, a few inches of rain there. we are still running abnormally dry. going forwanu over theabnext 36 hours a. few clouds in and out
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this afternoon and this evening. might have a passing sprinkle on the eastern shore tomorrow perhaps during the daylight hours we'll have an area of low pressure along the atlantic seaboard. but farther west, don't anticipate any rain tomorrow. just clouds coming and going. for the rest of this afternoon, just a few of these clouds around. temperatures reaching the low 80s throughout ne ch of the region. especially to our south. metro area, upper intos to arou af67 880. then overnight tonighoug mosw clear and the breezes become more gentle. we'll be in the miharintos and n midnight down to the mid-60s. and then on thursday afternalkn beautiful day. a few clouds in and out. highs near 80 and low mum mid-tea around. that's the story on friday and saturday and sunday. beautiful weather with low humidity and highs around 80 humidityeegrees.hs around 80 first part ofabnext week, it might get a little more humid.
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highs reaching the low and mihar afs. that's the way it looks. i'll be back in a few miw,tes with another update. >> okay. we'll seeeastou then. thank you, tom. let's get a check on our midday traffic. >> i'm watching west route 100 f that's where you're traveling, taking the route to southbound i-97, the crash is involving multiple vehicles. police are on the scene and possibly blocking a couple lanes in that area. please use caution if this is your commute this morning. traveling along ipcl6, aseastou makingeastour way eastbound towards nutley here, the left lane is blocked by roadwork. look at this. about 50 miles per hour. f1 ot 50 miles per hour. ust it2 minutes to get to the beltway. barbara, back over to you. n.> all righad ver to you. thankeastouk to ery much. we'll see you shortly. 18 miw,tes after it1 is the tim. are teenagers more or less willing to take part in risky
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behavior? we'll take a look at a recent survey. n.>> plus -- recognize it? the stars of "beauty and the beast" will join us right here in the studio today. first, here's a look at what is [ male announcer ] here's a friendly reminder.
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♪ disney's akeeauty and the beast tais playing right now at the national theater. the musical will run for just two weeks here in washington and two of the stars on the show are at ining us this morning with more on what audiences can expecad and galkd morning. >> good morning. >> welcome. n.> thank e bu. >>eastou lm tteastour costumes home today. n.> we did. n.> sort of the real inner beauy and beast are here with us to talk to us a litw what it's like. this is so great to have you
11:23 am
here. we'll start with you, dane. you play the beast. n.> uh-hnne. beast. n.> wereeastouabnervous about tg a part but already had a huge presence on the screen? n.> oh, yeah.he screen? from the movie he is such an incomparable character andeasto can't really do half of the things that he does on the movie. and all of the actors who have played him, talk, have put the bar pretty higs >> do you have to change your voice to give his lines? n.> i do. ive his lines? >> give us a little idea. >> well, one part i go, i. we'l giveeastou a place to stay. and so it's a little growl and -- >> a litw that's scary. >> emily, tell us about e brin how dideastou decideeastou wanto play this part as beauty? n.> well, i auditioned.y? i've always wanted to play the role and thankfully this is the first audition that i went to io new york and i ended up booking
11:24 am
iad so it's agays been a dream role of mine. so the fact that i get to play itabnightly and iupds the first role i've ever played out of college, it's a huge hono le n.> and there you are.ono le and it's a -- the costumes are beaut80 ul in this. >> they are. >> how long does it take you to have to get into that costumev dane? >> it's about a 45-minute process and i used to get it na be at the show an hour and a half bm tore the show and have tepmi put me through it all and makeup and costume but now i luckily ouan do it myself and save myself a little time. >> how hot is it in that cosighme? >> it's pretty warm. >> does your face show, though? you have to sing. are you singing under a big huge -- >> iupdsabnot a hughes mask. there are some parts that are
11:25 am
different. to make it lalkk beasw >> let's talk about the music. >> it's beaut80 ully composed. p2yrics are by tim rice and howard. alan is all over the broadway show right now. he did just a wonderful job with co prosing and they added songs throughout its broadway run and we get to do those as well. so songs like akeeauty and the beast," you don't hear him sing in the show. in the show. and then there's an added number that the whole ensemble den?s called "human again" and these songs, you'll be humming theis p song -or hours, thinthink, afte show. >> do you have a favorite song? n.> "a change in me" is e song? definitely my favorite. it's a beautiful song and iupds definitely a turning point in
11:26 am
the show. >> like most disney movies, "beauty and the beast" has a message for everybody. how do e bu think people receiv itgro cf1 >> it's a great message and it'ss - from the get-go it has nageastou're supposed to lo past the facad of people and locf1 to the heart and bell sees that in the beast. they go through thisournok together and iupds really touching and it reminds even adults that thaupds a galkd lesn to learn in life. >> do you think people walk away by special about what they've seen? >> i do. i do. i thi> " audiences of all ages are touched by this story. the ne sic, the singing, the dancing, the set, the costumes, but then the mest alge of tffe love and seeing past the exterior is one that i think we all ouan learn from. n.> andeastoueckeabnot having a problem competing with cartoon charanne.ero cf1 o t n.> no. no. i don't think so.
11:27 am
we get a lot moreustg,loration f the characters on stage, i think. >> fantastic. beauty and the beast will run through june the 24th at the national theate le are their tickets available? >> so many tickets. come buy them. we have so many seats open. so come see us. n.> that's greaad we'll certainly want to get there to see you. it sounds like a wonderouul produnne.ion. thanks again for coming. n.> tha> " e brincoming. tha> "s for having us. >> good to have you. it's 11:27. coming up in theabna lt half ho of news day, name change. what the metro station isabnow oualled sfoo plus, why a 17-year-old high school who graduated at the tis p class may not get to go to college. > gnd tom kierein is here t
11:28 am
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right now on news4 midday, two more alleged victims are going to take the stand today in
11:31 am
the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. the former penn state football coach is accused of abusing ten boys over a 15-year period. he denies those claims. and just moments ago, the d.c. council voted unanimously to elect phil mendelson. the vote for the pro tem, for the second person in command, is under way right now. don't be confused if you see a new metro station. it's not a new station. it's just a name for an old station. from now on, the station that had been known as new york avenue, florida avenue will be called noma-galloduet. >> don't let any of these changes fool you. it's the same location, same
11:32 am
station, same red line, same service, just a different name. if you don't know, then you don't know. but for years now the neighborhood surrounding the now former new york avenue/florida avenue is known as noma. metro officials decided last year that the station's name should reflect the community. >> i'm sure some people have been using the station for years, it's going to be a little bit of a change. it's not clear what noma stands for and then you hear it north of massachusetts and you get it. >> reporter: today there was an official ribbon cutting for the new metro station. the noma station was the first station when it opened between brentwood in 2004. but a lot has changed since then. >> i think this was something that the district and they saw
11:33 am
this through and helped fund it and here it is. it's great. >> reporter: riders say that the name change makes good sense to them. >> it's catchy, trendy, it works. >> as long as you know where you are going. they can name it anything. but, i mean, it's the name of the area. so it's cool. >> although this is now noma-gallaudet for the next year, they are going to keep it like that for the next year so people don't get confused. police are being looking for a spus sect who shot a teenager earlier this morning in the 1500 block on fitch street southeast. officers found a 17-year-old boy with a gunshot wound in his leg and another that appeared to have grazed his arm. he's expected to be okay. right now police have no information on a possible suspect or a motive for this shooting. and police are asking for your
11:34 am
help to help them find a man who stabbed a woman in montgomery county. police say this man stabbed a woman last wednesday along gold kettle drive. the man walked around to the driver's side, opened the door and tried to rob her. during a struggle, police say he stabbed her six times. the victim went to the hospital. she is expected to make a full recovery. and this morning a 74-year-old man attacked by dogs is in the hospital in fair condition. witnesses watched in horror as two cane corsos mauled the man yesterday on 36th street northeast. several neighbors, including one man with a big american bulldog helped to fend off the attacking dogs. he was taken to the hospital with a broken arm and bite wounds all over his body. police coraled the dogs and issued citations to the owners. the hunt is on this morning
11:35 am
for two men who couldn't their tlirs for some bubbly. this happened around 1:00 yesterday afternoon and he began shoveling bottles of champagne into their jackets and pants. they came back three times and walked away with 11 bottles worth more than $500. during the last trip the store owner stopped the men and called the police but both of those men got away. a maryland delegate tiffany was found guilty of misdemeanor theft. she was convicted of stealing $800 of state funds to pay an employee to manage her private law practice. the democrat is a freshman delegate from prince georges county. she faces up to 18 months in prison. no sentencing date has been set. and there's even more support today for a proposal to build a casino in prince georges county. a group of analysts and
11:36 am
consultant reported yesterday that maryland could sustain another casino and expanded gambling in the state's casinos. they want a casino built in his county but the developers of maryland live near the mall say that could kill their business. governor martin o'malley said that he will call a special session if a group of lawmakers can come to agreement on possible legislation. voters will have to approve any extension of gambling in maryland. a 17-year-old high school student graduated at the top of her class in prince georges county. instead of packing for college, the valedictorian is packing to go back to the philippines. she graduated from wise high school in upper marlboro. her mother brought her and her sister here four years ago as dependents under her work visa. the department of labor stopped the school system from hiring
11:37 am
international teachers like her, putting their family's legal status in question. now her daughter cannot apply for basic financial aid. >> i'm not eligible because i'm not a u.s. citizen or a permanent resident. >> my green card, which was being processed by the school system was stopped because of my working permit. >> the mother's work visa expired last year. the family is petitioning for legal status here. you can read more about this story in the maryland gazette tomorrow. let's check in again with tom kierein for the latest on our forecast. tom? >> good morning, barbara. as we're just past 11:30, we have quite a bit of cloudiness coming and going. here's the camera bouncing around a little bit. blustery northwest wind in the
11:38 am
last 12 hours. we have seen the last of that rain clearing out after midnight last night and between now and then we've had some cloud cover coming through and we have temperatures warming up nicely into the mid-70s. it's a beautiful day. the winds are going to be blustery, gusting to around 30 miles per hour. highs near 80 and then overnight tonight and partly cloudy to mostly clear by the 50s by dawn on thursday and then tomorrow, partly sunny day again. low humidity in place like this afternoon. afternoon highs near 80. and then on friday morning, again into the 50s. afternoon highs with lots of sunshine, should make it into the low 80s and this beautiful weather pattern continues into the weekend. saturday and sunday, both days, partly cloudy with highs around 80 and morning lows near 60. that might get more humid as we get into the first part of next week. but still no rain around. it looks right now, high to low 80s. >> thank you, tom. firefighters are fighting a
11:39 am
deadly wildfire in colorado. you can see it there in this picture. a 62-year-old grandmother died when a fire burned her cabin in high park. the fire destroyed more than 100 homes and buildings since lightning sparked the blaze on saturday. families who left their home will find out today if they have anything left. firefighters only have 10% of the massive wildfire contained. meanwhile, in southern new mexico, another massive wildfire has completely burned a neighborhood in the little bear area. that fire is about 35% contained at this time. a toddler is okay this morning after being thrown from an suv when a police chase came to a crashing end. take a look at this video from lubbock, texas. the 18 month old girl was ejected through the back window when the suspect's suv crashed. if you'll watch closely, you will see her get up, stumble a bit, and then run after the car. one of the suspects grabs the girl and runs off. just moments before the crash, the four teenagers in the suv allegedly robbed a woman in a
11:40 am
nearby parking lot. the suspects were arrested. the girl, the little one, ended up with just some bumps and bruises, thankfully. exhaust from diesel engines could raise your risk for lung cancer. a panel from the world health organization found the risk of getting cancer is tiny but with so many people breathing diesel fumes in some way, they ruled the fumes are carcinogens. there's a small chance the fumes could cause bladder cancer. they are now classified in the same category as second-hand smoke. now a leading u.s. advisory panel says there is sufficient evidence that post menopausal women taking low dose calcium and vitamin d supplements prevent cancer and bone fragments. it can lead to sideffects like kidney stones. some doctors are refuting that
11:41 am
and saying that it's part of a healthy diet. the little boy who made us laugh as darth vader is fighting for his life now. he was on the super bowl commercials last year. now he's heading into the hospital to get ready for open heart surgery to repair a congenital heart defect. his parents were on the "today" show and said that max is not focusing on the negatives. he's prepared a can do list for when he comes out of surgery. >> and it was later that night, he just asked if i would stay up late and just talk to him and he said, i just want to focus, mom. let's talk about what i can do. because at first it was he was sad about all of the things he couldn't do, all of the plans that we had to cancel. he wanted to write a list, he said, this house is awfully boring to recover in so we need to fun it up. >> they did just that, making
11:42 am
each room a fun theme, including a stuffed animal room and an explosion room with different science ex peerments. he asked for a darth vader helmet because he says he feels strong. teens tell all. why more are
11:43 am
11:44 am
homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. find the program that's right for you at
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soon websites you visit will have very unique domain names. some 2,000 proposals for new internet address sufficient fixes will be unveiled instead of dot-com or dot-org. it will take months to go through all of those names and
11:46 am
weed out the acceptable ones. potential sites had to pay $185,000 just to submit their potentially new domain names. a senator wants you to boycott certain rental car companies until they promise not to sell or rent cars that are under recall. senator barbara boxer is trying to get rental car companies to say that they will recall cars before putting them back on the road. so far, hertz has only signed that pledge. rental companies say that the bill should also include taxis and used car dealers. u.s. retail sales declined in april and may and we're going to check in now with seema mody. she has that story and the rest of the headlines, too. hi, seema. >> barbara, a pretty uneventful day. the market has little change. investors pretty much watched the developments in d.c. jpmorgan chase, jamie dimon is testifying before congress today
11:47 am
to explain how they lost $2 million on risky trades and whether they failed to properly manage risk. on to some pharma news, $19.7 billion acquisition of medical device maker has been made and the insomnia drug from merck significantly reduced the time it took patients to fall asleep and helped them fall asleep longer. lastly, iranian oil exports have fallen steeply and could push oil prices higher again. the international agency says effectively calling on opec to maintain current high oil output levels which advises on energy policies of oil consuming nation, said the oil is better than recent years but calling it an oversupplied market. but as i said before, the main news we're watching today is jamie dimon's testimony in
11:48 am
washington, d.c. back to you. >> we're watching that, too. thanks so much. have a great day. >> you, too. for the past 20 years, the cdc has tracked risky behavior in teenagers. a recent survey was released just last week. a look at the results and how they compare with past results, good morning. are teenagers more risky or less risky than they were during the last survey? >> i think people are going to be really surprised to hear me say that teens are doing really well when it comes to risky behavior. actually, for almost every mesh thaur that is checked in this survey, drinking before the age of 13, drinking in general, binge drinking, marijuana use, driving in a car without a seat belt, driving drunk, having sex early, it has shown improvement since 1991 when they first conducted the survey. >> there are so many risky
11:49 am
things that teenagers do. we had a story about this car surfing with teens standing on the top of cars. why do they do things like that? i have to go back a few years to figure out why our group was doing it when we were teenagers, but what is it? >> the invisibility of being a teenager, number one. you never think that something bad is going to happen to you. we also have to take into consideration the frontal lobe, the last part of the brain to mature. that's the part of the brain that's involved in judgment and that's not fully matured when you're a teenager. you're doing things that are showing lack of judgment sometimes. >> if they are being less risky, what do you think is contributing to that? >> i actually think that the main contributing factor is the media's attention to these issues over the years. i think these things are just more in the public's awareness, schools and parents are more aware of things like binge drinking and underage sex and drug use. i think they are talking about it more and that's leading to the numbers going down.
11:50 am
on the flip side of that, though, because it's more in the media spotlight, i think most people perceive these problems as being worst than they were 20 years ago when in fact the opposite is the case. >> some of us in the media worry, too, when we tell a story about the risky things, like i was just mentioning, the car surfing, maybe we're suggesting to teens that here is something that you can do and with youtube, you worry maybe they will do that as well. >> i think that's a legitimate concern. reporting on teen suicides, there have been studies that show that there's a contagion effect. more kids will start committing suicide as a result of hearing it in the media but in general i think the media is play an important role. people are aware and they know what to look out for. >> we understand that marijuana use, though, is on the rise compared to cigarette use. >> right. >> why is that considered more risky than plain cigarettes or
11:51 am
do teens think no? >> it's a tough call. when people smoke cigarettes, they are smoking a lot of cigarettes as opposed to marijuana, they are smoking once in a while. for the first time in the cdc study, there are more kids smoking marijuana in the last 30 days than those that smoked cigarettes. that's a first in the 20 years of this survey. but it doesn't tell the whole picture which is that ten years ago, actually, more kids were smoking marijuana than today. so, again, i think that you have to keep that in perspective. a lot of people think that the decreased stigma associated with marijuana, the medical marijuana industry and the legalization of marijuana in certain states is leading more kids to think that marijuana is safe. but, in fact, kids are still using marijuana less now than a decade ago quite frankly, i was surprised by some of this stuff. i was pleased to see that on a
11:52 am
whole kids are doing better than we think. >> thank you so much. we'll see you next week. >> thank you, barbara. it's 11:51. coming up, a surprise for justin bieber fans. tom kierein
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an update on breaking news that we've been following all morning. the d.c. council elected phil mendelson as interim council chair. this move comes after kwame brown resigned. he pleaded guilty to bank fraud. michael brown will be chair pro tem. just look at how much you pay for rent or mortgage. this will probably not surprise you. the d.c. make it is on the list as one of the most expensive places to live. according to human resource company mercer, washington, d.c., is the fifth on the list. san francisco and white plains, new york, is on there, too. the most expensive city in the world, tokyo, japan. the least expensive is karachi, pakistan. move over soda and chips.
11:56 am
>> a pizza is served with a guarantee of total hygiene. >> pizza is the new revolution in the vending machine technology. a-1 concepts hopes to bring the pizza vending machine later this year. the machine makes the entire pizza from start to finish, believe it or not, including the dough and baking. all of it under three minutes. it's a hit in italy and rolled out in europe now. if and when the machine makes it here, a pie is expected to run about $6. take a look now at some of the stories that we're following for news 4 this afternoon. groupon is creating its own controversy for a baby naming deal. plus, the latest on the testimony of jpmorgan chase's ceo. stress relief is under water. how to bad tell, board your way to health and fitness. that's in our latest installment
11:57 am
of what's your workout. join us tonight at 4:00 and 5:00. time for tom now. and we have clouds passing over the metro area. a live view looking towards downtown washington from our vantage point in the upper northwest. off in the distance is the bend at the potomac river. quite a bit of cloudiness over the region. temperatures now almost noontime. it's almost 80 in washington and points south as well. farther west, low to mid-70s. throughout the rest of the day, in the 70s and low 80s in the metro area and points south. winds gusting to around 35 to 40 miles per hour. the please sanlt pattern continues tomorrow. highs near 80 each day. have a great afternoon. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> tom, thank you. bieber fever is already setting in around rockefeller center in new york. the heart throb concert is still two days away but die hard fans are already camping out there.
11:58 am
the "today" show plaza can be in for a huge crowd. earlier this week an estimated 210,000 fans attended a free justin bieber concert in mexico city. he will perform live on the "today" show on friday and he tweeted out this morning that he's bringing a special guest. so make sure to tune in to find out who that guest is going to be. and that's news4 midday for today. we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in for news 4, 5, 6, and 11. i was paying too much with cable. paying so much, you want better quality. for the amount of money that i am paying, my cable company should take care of me. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. get verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for two years with no annual contract required. first time we saw tv on fios was amazing. i was just in a... in a trance watching it. [ male announcer ] choose a two-year contract and get $250 back.
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